Sarah Velluppillai

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Sarah Velluppillai joined Mitton ElectroNet to re-start her career after maternity leave and spending time with her, then, young children. Sarah, who graduated from the University of Canterbury, has just over three years’ experience in the transmission industry - predominantly on Transpower projects. Her experience includes primary and secondary preliminary and detailed design as well as project management.

Since joining Mitton ElectroNet, Sarah has been heavily involved in both project management and detailed design. She is currently involved in the detailed design of multiple Transpower outdoor to indoor conversions in both project management and technical design capacities. She is also working with distribution clients in both New Zealand and Australia.

Sarah is passionate about excellence and managing client relationships. She prides herself on her strong communication skills and problem-solving. Since joining Mitton ElectroNet, Sarah has taken on a Project Director role within Mitton, and she enjoys the challenge and the opportunity to improve delivery and quality.

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