Martin Outram

Position Title: 
Principal Engineer

Martin is a Chartered Engineer with more than 35 years’ experience in the power industry.  Martin trained as a graduate apprentice with Reyrolle Switchgear in Newcastle-on-Tyne before working in the switchgear industry in South Africa.  He has extensive protection and substation experience at voltages up to 132kV, gained during his 23 year career at the Port Elizabeth Municipality, eventually being in charge of the Technical Branch as an Assistant City Electrical Engineer.  Martin joined Mitton ElectroNet after emigrating to New Zealand in 2002 and has been extensively involved in the specification of equipment, primary and secondary design, protection coordination reviews and protection settings calculations for greenfield and brownfield sites, up to 220 kV.  Martin brings a wealth of knowledge and practical design and field expertise to the Mitton ElectroNet team, while providing assistance on complex problems and guidance for the team.

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