Rebecca Marx

Position Title: 
Auckland Market Leader, Senior Engineer

Rebecca has nine years’ experience in the Electric Power Transmission industry, being involved since graduating from University in late 2009. Her experience includes protection and operational support, secondary circuit design, protection settings, Power Factory modelling, on-site support for 11kV switchgear installations, investigation and documentation of solution study reports and production of Transpower TEES cost estimates. Rebecca has become heavily involved with the RCP2 transformer replacement projects as lead secondary designer for two sites and as project manager for three concept designs and two detailed design projects. 

As a testament to her technical skills, leadership and industry involvement, Rebecca was named the 2018 EEA Young Engineer of the year. Along with her role at Mitton ElectroNet, she is a Futureintech Ambassador, former Chairperson of CIGRE NZ and founding Chairperson of CIGRE NZ NGN (a young members group of CIGRE). In 2015 Rebecca presented at the CIGRE Women in Engineering Forum which was held in conjunction with the CIGRE SC B5 colloquium in Nanjing, China. She won the IET best presentation prize at the 2017 EEA conference and was co-chair of the organizing committee for the CIGRE Auckland 2017 International Conference which hosted more than 230 international delegates from over 35 countries.     

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