Project Management

Sarah Velluppillai

Sarah Velluppillai joined Mitton ElectroNet to re-start her career after maternity leave and spending time with her, then, young children. Sarah, who graduated from the University of Canterbury, has just over three years’ experience in the transmission industry - predominantly on Transpower projects. Her experience includes primary and secondary preliminary and detailed design as well as project management.

Matt Gazzard

Matt is a Chartered Professional Engineer, with over 15 years of extensive detailed design, project management and leadership experience in the High Voltage power industry. Matt joined Mitton ElectroNet after gaining much of this experience from different consultancies around the world. Matt is passionate about developing cost effective and technical robust solutions for the power networks in Australasia. Matt has a strong commercial understanding of the electricity network, project performance and is able to provide the best solution within regulatory limits.

Michael Newton

Michael entered the transmission industry in 2009 and has experience in both the UK and NZ. He has focused on project engineering and has been the technical lead on numerous substation projects, on both the client and consultant sides. Michael has a strong primary engineering base and has continued to broaden his expertise, across both secondary design and project management.

Kieran Kennedy

Kieran has had ten years’ experience, being employed by Mitton ElectroNet straight out of university.  Initially specialising in earth grid injection testing and design, Kieran has a vast earthing knowledge and has presented on earthing-related topics across New Zealand, Australia and the United States.

James Rouse

James Rouse has over ten years’ experience within the UK and NZ power industries. He has extensive experience in the fields of project management, primary and secondary substation design at distribution and transmission levels, protection studies and windfarm design including grid connection.  James has previously completed a number of substation designs for distribution networks including the design of 66 kV greenfield sites and numerous HV substation upgrades.

Mike McSherry

Mike is a Chartered Engineer with 27 years’ experience in the electricity supply industry including technical and commercial team leadership and project management.  Mike has previously held various engineering and management positions including ten years as the Network Manager for Centralines Ltd and ten years as the Chief Executive of Buller Electricity.  Mike has overseen the design and implementation of infrastructure upgrades and undertaken internal restructuring and the financial management of organizations within the Electricity Industry.  Since joining MEL in 2011, Mike has underta

Andrew Beddard

Having been in engineering management positions since 1990, Andrew has accumulated a broad variety of experience and knowledge, garnered through a series of eclectic and successful worldwide appointments, focused from 2008 within the New Zealand HV industry.

A qualified and experienced Project and Portfolio Manager, Andrew has a track record of being able to tender, manage and deliver successful projects to a variety of satisfied customers throughout New Zealand, both individually, or as part of an integrated team. 

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