Valerie Lang

Valerie is our office manager and PA to the General Manager. She has over 25 years’ experience in administration and office management and has an extensive knowledge of operational health & safety systems and quality assurance practices. 

Hels Lopez


Hels has over 13 years’ experience as a design draughtsman for consultancies in Christchurch.  Hels joined MEL in 2008 and has worked with Engineers to produce drawings for a wide range of generation, transmission and distribution clients including primary and secondary design drawings for 33 kV, 66 kV, 110 kV, 220 kV substations and power stations. 

Stuart Banks


Stuart’s experience in the electrical industry includes industrial installation and maintenance work and design in both LV and HV environments.  He has worked on varying projects in New Zealand and numerous critical facilities building services projects such as data centres and trading floors in the United Kingdom and Australia. 

Since joining MEL in 2012, Stuart has undertaken a variety of projects including earthing system design, testing and modelling, arc flash surveys and analysis, project management and high voltage design.  

Brad Rooney

Brad has extensive experience in the transmission and distribution industry within New Zealand and Australia. He has experience in substation design, having worked on projects up to 500 kV and has performed the role of lead primary designer and design manager. Since joining Mitton ElectroNet, Brad has been a leader in our earthing team, specialising in earthing design and testing and has presented original earthing papers at conferences in both New Zealand and Australia.

Angus Henderson


Angus is a telecommunications engineer with 20 years’ industry experience.  Angus provides consulting, project management, strategic advice and system engineering across infrastructure based networks and telecommunication projects. A good communicator, technology researcher and innovator, Angus adapts easily to ever changing business needs and the fast changing technology world.

Kieran Kennedy

Kieran has had ten years’ experience, being employed by Mitton ElectroNet straight out of university.  Initially specialising in earth grid injection testing and design, Kieran has a vast earthing knowledge and has presented on earthing-related topics across New Zealand, Australia and the United States.

James Rouse

James Rouse has over ten years’ experience within the UK and NZ power industries. He has extensive experience in the fields of project management, primary and secondary substation design at distribution and transmission levels, protection studies and windfarm design including grid connection.  James has previously completed a number of substation designs for distribution networks including the design of 66 kV greenfield sites and numerous HV substation upgrades.

Rebecca Marx

Rebecca has nine years’ experience in the Electric Power Transmission industry, being involved since graduating from University in late 2009. Her experience includes protection and operational support, secondary circuit design, protection settings, Power Factory modelling, on-site support for 11kV switchgear installations, investigation and documentation of solution study reports and production of Transpower TEES cost estimates.

Brad Henderson

Brad is a senior power system’s engineer with 11 years experience. He previously worked for DIgSILENT, the developers of PowerFactory and StationWare software which is used widely throughout the world for power system modelling and analysis. Through this role, Brad was responsible for delivering software training courses in these two products and  the development of the Australian and NZ training syllabus.


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