Mill Creek Windfarm - Protection Design and Review

Meridian Energy awarded the competitive tender for Mill Creek Wind Farm to Mitton ElectroNet  as a trusted consultant. The scope of works encompassed the design right from the turbines to the Mill Creek Switching Station and all the way to the grid interconnetion point, at Wilton Substation.

Project Overview and Design

The wind farm was to have 26 turbines rated at 2.3 MW each and located west of Wellington. Working closely with Meridian Energy, Mitton ElectroNet reviewed the turbine protection systems before specifying and designing a protection system for the wind farm switching station using Meridian Energy’s choice of relay manufacturer (Siemens). The final protection design incorporated overcurrent, earth fault, under/over frequency, differential and directional elements.

Added Value

Although the wind farm was to be owned by Meridian Energy, the transmission lines to Wilton Substation were to be owned by Wellington Electricity and Wilton Substation was owned by
Transpower. With a proven ability to coordinate between multiple stakeholders Mitton ElectroNet was able to, not only produce an effective protection strategy, but also to provide an understanding between all three stakeholders by reviewing and collating the three separate protection systems into one easily understandable document.

Project Outcome

Due to Mitton ElectroNet’s commitment to quality, and working closely with the client, the project was a fantastic success, cementing the ongoing partnership between Meridian Energy and Mitton ElectroNet.