Halfway Bush

Mitton ElectroNet tendered for and has been selected as the design specialist for the works at HWB and the thirteen zone substations. 

Delta, on behalf of Aurora Energy, is upgrading it's facilities at the Halfway Bush (HWB) GXP in Dunedin. The control room, protection and SCADA systems will all be replaced or upgraded.
Thirteen zone substations are supplied from HWB which also require SCADA upgrades. In addition, the protection will be upgraded at seven of these sites. The protection upgrades consist of installing line differential protection to replace aging electromechanical relays.

Our team is completing structural design of the control room, and protection settings, SCADA panel layouts and connection diagrams for HWB and the remote sites.
We are excited to be working on this and to be applying our capability in the protection, SCADA and structural disciplines, whilst providing an efficient and cost effective solution.