EEA Conference Highlights

Mitton ElectroNet recently attended the 2016 EEA conference with the ElectroNet group of companies and over the three days shared many successes highlighted by:

  • Philip Boys presented the highly innovative and now famous “Boys Method” and took out the best paper award. Phil’s clever and innovative discussion on “Soil Resistivity Testing” excited many earthing engineers. Phil will be taking this to Down To Earth conference later in the year.
  • Rodger Griffiths our executive director was awarded a life membership to the EEA at the special awards ceremony. Well-deserved, Rodger!

MEL’s other expert presenters included:

  • Nathan Rich presented a succinct account explaining the reasons and need for temporary protection.
  • Brad Henderson presented his and Stuart Banks very relevant paper on LV Arc Flash issues.
  • Kieran Kennedy shared an account of his trip to Belarus for an IEC Young Professionals forum late last year, and combined it with an interesting discussion on the importance of standardisation.